Cards, The Universe and Everything has launched a visual redesign

Avid Games has launched a visual redesign to its multi award-winning TCG, Cards, The Universe and Everything (CUE), which recently hit one million downloads. The UI and UX focused update increases usability, functionality and new effects to the distinctly unique card collecting, card battling sensation - and paves the way for further updates over the coming months.

With a million downloads to date, Cards, The Universe and Everything (CUE) invites players to re-experience its revamped UI and UX, which adds welcome boosts to usability and functionality. The card collecting game also features new effects and more surprises to expect in upcoming updates. Are you ready to see who'd win in a fight between Loki and a pug?

What’s Happening With the Redesign?

The redesign is focused on UI and UX, with improved functionality. This means the game will be a little easier to navigate, allowing players to concentrate on building their decks and having a good time.

You can download Cards, The Universe, and Everything (CUE) for iOS and Android devices. You can find out more about the game, including new cards and league rules, here.

In CUE, players really can battle anything against everything - sharks, astronauts, Norse mythology, planets, amphibians, Egyptian gods, monkeys, inventors, butterflies, rockets and Arthurian legends are just a few of the collections in this entertaining and somewhat preposterous TCG.

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