NBA 2K22 was able to keep changing things

If you play NBA 2K22, you'll notice that NBA 2K22 MT the computer-controlled elements lean towards executing a layup or dunk in response to different factors including the player, opponents, and angle striking the paint. The game wants players to take the best shot within the given circumstances.

To turn off the Dunk Meter, you'll have to put the game in pause, head to Settings and select Control Settings. There, you can disable the dunk meter by changing shots Timing into Shots Only without dunks, layups, or layups. You may save these settings for later games if you'd like to save them.

We had a chat with Erick Boenisch, Executive Producer of NBA 2K22, to discuss the development of social aspects and the future of this franchise and much else in this Dexerto Exclusive interview.

NBA 2K22 was able to keep changing things to NBA 2K22 MT Buy the 2K Games basketball franchise, with a totally new style of environment for young athletes in The City, along with making numerous other major enhancements.

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