What does engine flushing do?

Engine flushing aims to get rid of impurities in the form of deposits inside the engine. In this process, technicians add chemical additives to the engine oil to break down sludge or carbon deposits from old oil and then replace the old oil and oil filter.


  • Engine oil is meant to cycle through and lubricate the engine components to help them function smoothly. Basically, engine oil is meant to remain in motion. When a car takes short trips or remains idle more often than not, the engine oil particles start leaving deposits that keep on building up sludge inside the engine. An element as small as 25 microns (approx. 1/1000 of one inch) can be removed by the best of the oil filters available. Particles even smaller than the aforementioned size are there in the oil that just can’t be filtered out. Over time these tiny particles accumulate together and build up sludge. The sludge, however prepared, increasingly resists the flow of engine oil.

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